Not far from our Tasiast gold mine are rich finds of another kind; buried cultural treasures, including stone tools and tombs dating as far back as 9, ago that our Tasiast team is helping to preserve and protect. To the untrained eye, the archeological sites scattered amongst the stubby shrubs and dunes of the Mauritanian desert are hard to identify, but they are testaments to a once well-inhabited region. Archeologists suspect the Sahel was once lush and green before desertification crept across the land about 4, years, pushing human settlement out with it. The former inhabitants however, left behind a rich trove for archaeologists to study and document. Some of the sites that have been discovered include Neolithic occupation and burial sites, thought to be approximately 2, — 9, years old. Among the found artifacts are stone tools projectile points, knives, awls, scrapers, polished axes and waste flakes , milling stones for grinding or crushing food, broken pottery, some of it decorated, and fragments of eroded, bleached-white animal and human bones. Tasiast management has put in place a number of measures to minimize any potential impact of mining operations on these archaeological sites. Among these is the Chance Find Procedure which stipulates that upon discovery of actual or suspected archaeological remains, work should be stopped, the site protected and the remains reported and documented. All sites of potential interest are fenced in.


Adventurers and lovers of wild open spaces will be in their element in Mauritania. A country twice the size of France, it has a population of just 4. An unstable security situation keeps people away, but you can experience the desert, historic towns and sweeping coastline if you take some precautions and travel with an experienced operator. Our Mauritania travel guide reveals more. Calling us from outside the UK?

There are surface sites with lithic industries (dating to the Lower Paleolithic, the Aterian on the Mauritanian rock art traditions were written by Théodore Monod​.

The shell middens were mapped using satellite image georeferencing, and dated by 14 C or ceramic shards found in the shell layers. Successive shorelines emplaced between and years B. Low salinity in the embayment created environmental conditions particularly favourable to the biological cycle of Anadara , exploited by the Neolithic populations. Geomorphological and sedimentological approaches are adopted in order to identify beach ridges, berms, Zostera mats and surge drift lines.

The palaeomorphological changes induced by littoral drift and aeolian transport are consistent with the progressive closure of the Oued ech Chibka embayment. The morphological evolution and the presence of Ras el Sass, Jerf el Oustani and Jerf Sghir islands constrain the development of wave fronts in the embayment.

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The second, as a result of a continuing of the practice, was to be enforced when Mauritania joined the United Nations. But that second abolishment law was so ambiguous it only implied that the practice would be prohibited under the constitution. At a later date! In what is seen as an incredible disrespect for the sanctity of the law, the three too-many abolitions are not clear and the language used to enforce them remains ambiguous.

There are no signs that the authorities are sincere about any talks of freedom, be it of movement, thought or economic. The pre-historic political consciousness is such that Birame Ould Dah, a Mauritanian abolitionist and leader of the Initiative for the resurgence of the abolitionist movement IRA-Mauritania has been in detention since April

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The Central Sahel region Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger is facing a severe humanitarian and protection crisis, pushing millions of people to flee their homes. Indiscriminate attacks by armed groups against civilians, summary executions of men, widespread use of rape against women, as well as attacks on State institutions, including schools and health facilities, are the latest drivers of displacement impacting a region already struggling with climate change, extreme poverty, a lack of economic opportunities and scarce basic services.

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Islamists have become an important political force in Mauritania since formal Islamist associations first emerged in the s. Islamist activism has contributed to the ongoing Islamization of Mauritanian society, as is evident from the proliferation of mosques and Islamic associations in the capital, Nouakchott, and elsewhere. Overall, Mauritanian Islamism does not currently pose a threat to the United States. The mainstream of the movement appears committed to democracy and, even so, is unlikely to take power.

Islamist parties like Tewassoul have never captured a large share of the vote in elections, and moderate Islamist leaders have explicitly rejected using violence to take over the state.

English Situation Report on Mauritania about Health, Shelter and Summary: The 72 hours torrential rain dating from 19 to 21 August led.

You are using a very old browser. To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. While international interest in the extractives field offers a major opportunity for the Mauritanian government, it also creates pressure for it to respond to the demands of foreign investors for an end to corruption. New opportunities in an established sector… The extractives industry is not new to Mauritania.

This newfound attraction can be attributed to the sustained rise in global commodity prices over the past decade, coupled by discoveries of new mineral deposits in western Mauritania. Besides creating a policy environment that is more welcoming of foreign investment, the Mauritanian government has been encouraging private sector developments, which has long been neglected. All three have recently won contracts and licences to explore for iron ore, gold, diamonds, gypsum and uranium.

Corruption has become deeply entrenched because it represents the lesser of two mandatory payments. Simply, business executives often prefer to pay a smaller bribe in order to avoid having to pay a greater amount of corporate income tax.

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Men in Mauritania’s capital, Nouakchott, say they are finding it harder to find a wife or stay married if they do. Mauritanian men say their lives and those of women around them are on a difficult straddle between traditional rules and more modern pursuits. VOA’s Nico Colombant has more, with reporting by Ebrima Sillah, in this the fourth part of a series of life in post-election Mauritania, after decades of military-dominated rule.

When asked if he is married yet, Muhammed Yahya Abdul Radud breaks out in laughter.

The Moroccan Ambassador to Mauritania, who declined an invitation to fly up to on both Western Sahara and on Mauritania dating back to the 14th century.

It was a highlight of my 2. A fascinating place bustling with activities, this is one of the largest markets of its kind in the whole region. I spent several days photographing what is going on on the nearby beach. This fascinating market is located right on the beach, with brightly painted pirogues as far as the eye can see. The rich fishing waters off the West African coast are a vital source of income for the region. It attracts many hard-working people all trying to claim their share of the profits.

From the porters frantically racing back and forth to unload the precious cargo, to the artists further up the beach patiently decorating the boats with colourful football logos. There is a huge local economy playing out around the fishing market. If you happen to be in Mauritania yourself, I highly suggest to check it out. Surprisingly fishing in Mauritania is still done the traditional way. Fishing crews head out on basic wooden pirogues scouting the oceans without any modern radars and other equipment.

Most of the fishermen are from Senegal and they are some of the most skilful in the entire West Africa. I visited the market several times around the end of the afternoon. Their arrival triggers a gigantic chain of events that provides not only food but also work for entire families.

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Former Mauritanian president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, under suspicion over embezzlement dating from his time in power, was being questioned by police on Tuesday for a second day, one of his lawyers said. The meeting came on the heels of a major government reshuffle and a parliamentary report on aspects of Aziz’s tenure. A security source on Monday said that Aziz went to the headquarters of the General Directorate for National Security DSGN after police went to his home, asking him to cooperate with investigators.

The interest in Aziz stems from “major suspicions of maladministration and embezzlement of public assets”, the security source said.

In January, Mauritania held its first multiparty elections, which resulted in the At least two mass graves dating from the killings were.

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